Monday, October 11, 2010

Besh You, Mama...

That's what Charlie says whenever I sneeze...and if he sneezes and I don't say it right away, he looks at me with those big, liquid, heart melting, brown eyes and says, "besh you" (to himself). 
Tonight I asked for a kiss and he took my face in both his little hands,
as if that was the most natural thing to do,  
 to make sure he could aim right for my lips. 
He runs around everywhere with his "nite-nite" just like Linus
When he's hurt he says (screams), in this order, "Mama, Ninnny (his paci), Nite Nite".
 Like he needs all three to be completely comforted. 
 To say he has me wrapped around his finger is an understatement. 
I adore both my boys so completely, so fully, my heart often feels so full I fear it could burst. 
But I think I am better at stopping and cherishing this stage with Charlie more than
the first time around with Andrew.  
I think it's because I am all too aware at how fleeting these moments are... 
When I was a first time mother, I was so thrown with temper tantrums and worried about Andrew being a late talker (if only I had known once he started he would never stop),
 I was more stressed trying to work a full time job on a part time schedule, etc. 
I think I wanted him to become independent more quickly, reach those all important milestones
I read about in all those parenting books. 
With Charlie I want to hang on to his baby-ness as long as I possibly can. 
I don't know if more children are in the cards for us.  
We are very content with our family the way it is -- it works -- we feel complete in so many ways. 
And if we are complete, and this is my last go around with a little one,
 then I want to savor every little "besh you" and spontaneous snuggle I possibly can.
And to make certain I don't forget, I'll blog about it too! :)

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  1. Look how precious your Charlie is!!! I can't wait to go back and read more! Thank you for your sweet comment. You made my morning!