Friday, October 1, 2010

21 Years Ago Today

FHS Homecoming October 1989

It was Sunday, October 1st, 1989...
I was a sophomore, you were a junior.
(in highschool)
We went on our very first date.
You asked me out on Friday night at the football game.

During our engagement 1997

I was sitting waiting for you to pick me up
with my Mum on the landing of our stairs,
I remember telling her that I REALLY liked you.
We were already friends,
thanks to a broken nose that kept you benched at soccer games,
right next to me while I took stats for the team.
I wore black stone washed jeans and
a chunky red, ivory and black sweater from the Limited Express.
(does anyone even shop there anymore?!)
You picked me up in your Mom's car rather than your white Chevette.

Summer Before College

We went to the mall and walked around.
I remember thinking we had SOOO much in common
because The Lost Boys was one of your favorite movies too.
Then we went for burgers and ice cream at Friendly's
I saved the straw wrappers.
(not because I was psycho, but because I was a giddy, sentimental, 15 year old girl)
College Years

You asked me to the homecoming dance even though you already had a date.
You told me not to accept when another boy asked me and that you would break
it off with the other girl.
(she never really did like me too much after that)

My highschool graduation

When you drove me home, I gave you the tiniest peck of a kiss.

That was the beginning.
21 years ago today.
A couple weeks later we went to homecoming.
I saved the corsage.
Then you gave me your class ring.
I still have it in a jewelry box under our bed.
Wrapped in floss and sealed with clear nail polish.
(I have since gotten rid of the straw wrappers & dried up corsages)

Living in Boston

So, happy 21 year "dating" anniversary, Jimmy!
Who would have thought?



  1. So sweet! Brings tears to my eyes. Love to you both. AA

  2. This is so sweet! I was a sophomore in high school in 1989, too! Congrats on 21 years - enjoy your anniversary!

  3. tess....that was soo beautiful....

    i must have scrolled between the photos a dozen see your husband soo young next to you in the first photo ...and then soo lovingly hugging you in the last...gorgeous!

    happy anniversary..
    melissa x

  4. That was about the sweetest post ever. I know you know y'all are lucky! Julie

  5. This is so sweet. Happy anniversary!

  6. Adorable.. :) I wish all of the best for U and Ur family!