Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Table

Oh heavens! Yesterday I blogged about my birthday at the end of October and today it is Thanksgiving! We've barely bid adieu to summer.  I promise I'm not trying to rush fall.  It is my favorite of favorite time of year. Pretty much October through the end of December is the time I love the most to be outside, to be cooking, to be with the ones I love. I want it to arrive quickly and leave very slowly.  But it never does. 

This year my parents are hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Yippy! (My Mum is an exceptional cook, entertainer, hostess, etc. and she knows how to take care of her brood.  When it comes to entertaining, I've learned it all from her.)  This year, an additional leaf will be added to the table to accommodate all 4 grandsons.  Three of which are age 2 and under so they will likely only sit at the table for 10 5 minutes seconds. but alas, it will be beautiful.  With a longer table comes the need for a longer tablecloth.  I offered to make it and save them a little $$$$ (have you seen the prices for pretty tablecloths at Williams Sonoma?!) 

Today I started my search for the perfect fabric. 
Here are some contenders. 
Mum, I hope you see something you like. 


  1. I'm SO with you when it comes to the fall season. It's been a fabulous summer and I didn't want it to end but next week I'll begin to pull out the fall decor and work on a few projects.

    Your choices are lovely. I'm really enjoying the 3rd row option. Hmmm ... perhaps my table needs a new pretty this Thanksgiving.


  2. I the same time of year that you do - October thru December is a magical time. Love the different fabrics you featured, especially the first and last, given that they have a dash of red.