Friday, September 24, 2010

Share and Reapply

Crafty, I am not. Friends think I am, but it's not true.
Now what I am pretty good at is seeing something cute and copying. 
When I was in the corporate world we used to call that "Share and Reapply." 
Earlier in the week I read about this website on this blog.  Today I checked it out. 
Whoa Nelly, do they have some C-U-T-E downloads. 
So cute in fact, I spent a couple minutes printing out a few, cutting a few scraps of fabric, and rummaging in the basement for some old frames. 
Voila! Some new art for the playroom. 
Or maybe the kitchen or the downstairs bath. 
The pictures need to be straightened, but I've only got a few minutes before Bubba gets up from his nap and Andrew needs to be picked up from school. You get the idea.   
Below are some other cuties.
Perfect for children's rooms. 
I printed mine on white cardstock and they look like the read deal, like pages right out of a vintage book.
You'd never know it was a copy.

A little framed print would make such a sweet baby shower gift or Xmas present.
Oh my, my wheels are a-spinning.
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. thanks for posting this! i've been looking for some butterfly prints!

  2. I love it. I am heading over right now.

  3. Hi Tessa,
    I love how you mixed fabric with these, the results are just gorgeous!!
    I'm so glad you like my blog, thank you so much for posting about it!!

  4. Share and reapply...I love that! I never think of myself as crafty either. More creative than crafty. (My patience is limited.) I think it's more anoit having a good eye.

    Loving what you did here! Very do-able!

    Thanks for your comment today!