Thursday, September 16, 2010

Some Days Require More Hugs Than Others

Today was one of those days.
You know the kind, when you find yourself going through the motions.
Maybe a time or two counting the minutes till bedtime.
Tempers were shorter.
I gave a lot of hugs.
They weren't always enough.
Andrew's worried about 2 tests tomorrow.
He keeps forgetting where the Arctic Ocean is and how to spell "want".
He REALLY wants to add an H - "whant"
Sorry, buddy, I'm afraid you take after your Mama --
never could spell a darn thing.
I couldn't quite put my finger on what was ailing Charlie.
The melted chocolate chips in his pancakes this morning seemed to
completely disgust him and set the tone for his day.
Oh, how I miss his giggly, happy-go-lucky,
personality when he isn't himself.
And me, I kinda felt a little blah too.
Tomorrow is Friday.
Daddy's almost home.
I get to pick up a bunch of newly covered pillows
and the curtains for the playroom.
The sun is expected to return.
Along with two, hopefully, smiling children.
Hello weekend, we are ready for you.

PS. I added music to the blog.  Like?  Don't like? 
I still can't decide, I was just curious if I could make it work.
I did.   


  1. some days it just doesn't work...does it?
    who knows why...i long ago decided that everyone just needs an off day- esp little people who can't actually verbalise how they are feeling...

    gosh i hope he goes well in spelling test....i personally think it looks better with an *h*!

    and today is a new shiny clean slate....for us all :)

    melissa xx

  2. what a sweet post. Hang in there--you're a good mama. Julie

  3. Nice touch with the music. Glad to see your playlist includes a Jack Johnson tune. C.C would have preferred a few more Usher songs.
    Miss you and the boys, I will be home soon.
    All my love,