Friday, September 10, 2010

The First (unofficial) Week of Fall

The air has been crisp in the morning...
chilly at night...
We've had windows open all day...
Fallen asleep to the sound of crickets...
Started the day with singing birds and
occasionally, the bells chiming in village bell tower down the street...
The trees are just beginning to change...
The sidewalk gutters have a dusting of fallen leaves...
that make the most delightful crunch under our feet as we 
walk to and from school...

Yesterday as the sun was setting, 
with fresh air blowing through the house...
I had the pleasure of making a perfect fall dish.
My husband was away on business, Andrew was playing outside with friends
and my little Bubba was with his Nana and Farfar (that's Danish for Grandpa)

It was nice to be able to prepare dinner without this going on at my feet.

Which I adore. Most of the time.
This meal smells delicious - roasted fennel and garlic - how could it not?
Tastes even better...
and is all prepared in one pan.
I was even able to enjoy a glass of wine and read a couple chapters
in my book while it cooked.  

Good food, good wine, pretty weather, fresh flowers, an entertaining/ kinda of fluffy book...
Yes, I do believe this is my idea of relaxation .

Roasted Tomatoes and Fennel with White Beans
Recipe found here
My only change was to use less olive oil.  I used about 3 TBS.
I felt I could add more later if it was needed.
It wasn't.



  1. Sounds like the perfect welcome to fall to me!

    That recipe sounds wonderful. I think it will find its way to my table in the near future ~ with the glass of wine of course.