Thursday, August 26, 2010

Workin At The Car Wash

Dirty tractor, car, & wagon
Bucket filled with soapy water, two sponges, and able bodied workers

You've never seen attention to detail like this before
We're talking an hour maybe serious as you'll ever see him
(except for the climbing in the bucket move - he's embarrassed about that one. 
no such unprofessionalism will be tolerated in the future)
And there will be a future, because you can bet we'll be right back at it tomorrow. 
Better enjoy being barefoot, playing with water hoses, and hangin' out shirt-free while we still can.


  1. How adorably funny!

  2. So sweet!

    Send him my way ~ I've got an suv that needs a good washing :)


  3. What a cutie! I'm with Jo, send him over to my house. Lord knows my car could use a good cleaning!

  4. Oh my goodness, I am cracking up right now!

  5. I love pictures of my girls sitting in buckets when they were little. It reminds me of how small they once were! How quickly the time passes!