Friday, August 20, 2010

Warm & Cozy Farmhouse

We are enjoying our last few days of summer vacation and some beautiful, humid-free, weather.  We've been spending this week at the pool, walking to the ice cream parlor (need to eat that peach ice cream before it's gone for the summer), and trying some yummy new recipes (will post later).  I've been leaving my 100 pound camera at home - so no family pics.  But I wanted to post this beautiful, warm & inviting home I saw this morning here by way of this blog.  Enjoy.  I pretty much could pack up our bags and move right in.

 Mighty pretty, no?!


  1. I would agree.. those photos are AMAZING, I would move in too!

    Funny we were trailing the same blogs the other day... Great minds think alike?? LOL

    Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment. I appreciate it so!

  2. All of the stonework is just incredible and cozy indeed!

  3. just lovely! hi Tessa. I"m Holly, Hal's sister and Carrye's sister in law who turned me onto your great blog!

  4. I can't wait to show this to my husband....he will go nuts for this exterior!!

  5. oh this is sooo cozy-- coffee and a big fire and a book and blanket... YES!

    i answered on my blog but then realized maybe you won't check it but the pin is from H&M!

  6. I have some of these same photos in my "dream book". Lovely!

  7. Lovely ~ so many touches I dream to have in my home.