Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A teeny bit obsessed

Oh my, how the loveliness that is Cabbages and Roses has escaped me until now is a mystery. With my professed love for all things English country and floral fabrics I'm not sure how I got along without this book. It faintly reminds me of the Laura Ashley Home catalogues of old but with a much smaller color and fabric range (hopefully they expand over time).

After hearing Christina Strutt on the Skirted Round Table last week, I rushed out to buy the book. (actually I sent my husband since we were on vacation and I make it a habit not to drive in places I am unfamiliar with since I manage to get lost all the time in places I AM familiar with...) When the book store didn't have it I ordered online and it was waiting for me when we returned. Welcome home...

It did not disappoint.

I remember coming across a blog a while back that was having people post the one picture that best represented their style. Well, if I had to pick one picture this would be it for me...

I keep looking at the fabrics trying to think of where I could incorporate some in my own home. Granted the colors are a little cooler than what I currently have. Pink & white wouldn't sit too well with my ivorys, wheats, deep russets, and browns. Though I do have a buffalo check that is mighty similar...

I love the slightly cluttered book cases, the worn furniture, the coziness, the simplicity, and all the books. Everything looks loved and welcomes you to sit and enjoy the home. In every room, any chair, you can't really make a mess because it is never really completely put together in the first place.

(I love that the table cloth is left unironed, yes I do beleive I have copied that look. Though if I'm being honest, those chairs don't look all that comfortable.)

One of our family room bookcases on the right...

I've decided to embrace to Lego creations put out of Charlie's path of destruction, the playing cards, the handmade birthday card, and call it my attempt at English country design!

Hope you are having a great day. Everyone local can thank me for the incredible thunderstorm we are experiencing...I watered the grass today for about 2 hours...that'll do it.


  1. Oooooh I've had my eye on this book for a while but now I think I have to have it in my hot hands asap!


  2. i used to get those laura ashley books and look at them for hours. i kept them for years too and from time to time i'd go back and look at all the inspiration.