Sunday, August 29, 2010

Random Pretties

These pictures are not of the same fact they are totally unrelated, other than that they caught my eye as I was browsing through my (very large) favorite house pics file on my laptop, while I was watching a really bad Netflix pick on a Saturday night.  I have nothing to say about them really other than I find them incredibly gorgeous and would be quite happy to call any of these places home.  Enjoy. 
Happy Sunday to you!


  1. That house is mineminemine! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


  2. Those pictures are so beautiful! I love the gray house and then that kitchen is gorgeous.

  3. That kitchen is so pretty! Such inspiration!!

  4. omgosh, i love that first image! that is my kind of home!

  5. How beautiful! You make me laugh. That sounds like me with movies...I am like 0 for 10. I have been choosing the worst movies! (I did see The Switch, though, and loved it)

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