Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School - 2nd Grade

Dear Andrew,

As I tucked you in and kissed you good night yesterday I prayed.

I prayed that this 8 year old boy of mine who uses word like "sweet" to describe things he really likes, but still needs a nightlight to keep monsters at bay when he's sleeping, knows  he is amazing

I prayed that you'll spend this year in the hands of a friendly, passionate teacher, that nurtures your curiosity & creativity

I prayed that you never lose the courage to be yourself 

I prayed for you to be in the company of kind playmates at recess

I prayed for you to have patience when things don't come easily

I prayed that second grade is a good, very good, year for you, that you are happy

I prayed that you'll still hold my hand when we walk to and from school
(and you did...thank you!)


  1. Second grade is such an amazing year ~ they really grow into themselves and build such confidence academically! I always enjoy watching my second grade students ~ as "old and wise" as they become, they still like to sit on my lap when something is bothering them and they need a little self-esteem boost :)


  2. Oh! I have tears in my eyes now. This is such a beautiful post. My son is only 7 but he just started 2nd grade as well. You summed up the thoughts of a mother so wonderfully. (My son's word these days is "awesome." We hear that quite a lot. Could be worse.)