Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School Shopping for Boys

Am I the only one out there that loves boy clothes?!
Preppy, sporty, big stripes, cargo pants, khakis, argyle socks, cords, & baseball Ts...I love it all. Yes, there isn't a whole lot of variation from year to year (or generation to generation for that matter) but I look forward to updating their little wardrobes each year. I do most of my shopping online, or in places that have shopping carts to keep my Little Biscuit contained and my arms free. Plus there are some SUPER DUPER sales right now.

Here are some of my favorites for fall...

From Mini Boden, Old Navy, Crew Cuts, Lands End, and Polo


  1. Great taste! Your little guys are going to look fabulous this fall.

    I loved dressing my son when he was little ~ he was the cutest little prep. His Montessori teachers use to call him Mr. GQ.


  2. I love little boy clothes too. My son is almost 7 - such a fun age.