Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Bags Are Packed

We are flying out tomorrow for our first vacation as a family of four.  We are flying out West.  As in a 5 HOUR long flight with a 21 month old that typically doesn't like to sit still for 5 MINUTES.  Pray for us! And those aboard our flight.  It will likely not be a peaceful one.  I've got the ipod loaded with his favorite songs, Jimmy's Blackberry, and lollipops to keep him entertained.  I've also got these...
 I figure that might get us through the first 15 minutes... His older brother's got his DVD player and this...
And I will be (hopefully) reading this on our trip. (not on the airplane - who would I be kidding!)

I had heard such great things about this book, but had never really been tempted to read it, until I saw the movie trailer on Elizabeth's blog.

I'll be gone, no computer, no blogs, no email for 8 days.  Hopefully with less humid temperatures, lots of fun activities for the children and the chance to make many new family memories.
Be back soon... 


  1. i'm reading the book and love it! i hope to be finished by the time the movie come out. I'm also reading Beth Moore's book along with my friend, so I go back and forth between the two. Thanks for leaving a comment. I've somehow been missing your posts!? Have a great vacation!!!

  2. Tessa, if you happen to read this before you take off, take some Scotch tape with you. Someone suggested this to me when my kiddos were smaller for long plane rides. They're so amazed at the stickiness of the tape and it actually occupies them for a while. Who would have thought something as simple as tape?? But, it works! Safe travels to you and thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

  3. oh, Stewart Little was my very favorite!

    Hope you all have a wonderful and stress-free time!