Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

Andrew was feeling a bit under the weather the last couple days.  A little summer bug, short lived, but bad enough to lose a night of sleep, miss his swim championships (boo!), and make this Mama worry.  There is nothing worse than your little ones being sick.  Thankfully, the worst was over by Wednesday morning. And my parents kindly took Charlie so I could spend the day caring for Andrew.  Between trips to replenish crushed ice, saltines and jello, we kinda had fun.  We hung out on the couch together watching movies, playing cards, Lego Creationary (a fabulous game for Lego lovers), and reading.  It made operating on 2 hours sleep possible.  I had good training in the nurse Mama department.  My Mum always took the best care of my brother and I when we were sick.  I always felt so loved.  Yesterday evening Andrew came up and kissed me on the arm and said "I love you so much, thanks for taking such good care of me."  Why, my pleasure!
Doctor Charlie did his part too, breaking out both stethoscopes, and his favorite book.

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