Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Boredom Busters I


Last year the first 2 weeks of summer seemed to drag on forever.  This year I was armed and ready with a stack of ideas to keep my bubbas busy.  I think the transation from being in school all day, to being home all day can be tough those first couple weeks, until they get into their summer groove.

Since I knew swimteam everyday and baseball 2-3x a week isn't enough, I wanted to have some at home ideas to do while little bubba naps.  I'm going to try share some throughout the summer.

First up, this was a fun one.  My favorite part of the day with Andrew has always been bedtime when we snuggle and read together.  Sometimes I do all the reading, sometimes we share, sometimes he reads to me.  I am grateful he loves books and has a great imagination.  It's so fun to go back and read my favorite childhood authors like Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary with him.  Though instead of Ramona, I've gotten to know Henry Huggins and Andrew is just finishing up the last of the Mouse and the Motorcycle books.  He was crazy about The Pain and the Great One series from Judy Blume and the Fudge series (I think Fudge reminds him of Charlie).  I only wish there were more.  Another one that we loved this summer was King Arthur, but in the new Junior Classic Series from Scholastic.  It is written in modern language and very well done, but the stories are the same.   I'm going to look for more in this category.  It was probably our favorite read so far.  Last summer our favorite was Where the Red Fern Grows, but we both cried like crazy at the end and couldn't even talk about the book for a couple weeks after.

I love that we get to talk about the characters together - their challenges, the choices they make and why. 

Recently we read How to Eat Fried Worms.  If I'm being honest, the story is a little silly and drags on a bit.  BUT.....the best part of it all is that at the end there are recipes for worm food!!!! Worm burgers, worm pizza, worm dessert.  We celebrated the completion of this story with a little worm dessert.

Here are the details:
Brownie Mix
Chocolate Frosting
Chocolate Wafer Cookies - crushed
Gummy Worms

Bake brownies and cool.  Frost with icing, top with "dirt" the crushed cookies and gummy worms.  Eat!
Andrew was able to help make it and enjoy it (for breakfast)! 


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