Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scalloped Tomatoes

I love tomatoes & basil, especially this time of year when they are plentiful at Farmers Markets.  I posted this recipe last week.  A definite favorite around here.  Here are my little tweaks.
1. I use more than 2 cups of bread cubes.  I'm guessing 3-4.  You can see it fills up my very large skillet.
2. After the bread has browned and is nice and toasty I remove it from the pan and set it aside.  This way it doesn't get all soggy cooking along side the tomatoes.
3.  I mix the tomatoes, sugar, garlic, salt and pepper in the same dish I plan to bake them in.  That way I save on clean up.
4.  When the tomatoes are cooking they might look a little liquidy, don't worry. Do not cook them too long, you'll want them to keep their shape.

 5,  After you've cooked the tomatoes, remove them from the heat and add back the bread crumbs and basil.  This way the bread will soak up the excess juice while still staying crunchy in spots. Top with parm cheese and a little more olive oil.

6. Then pop it in it the oven, just like Ina says to.

7.  And after about 30 minutes, you will get this delicious concoction.

I have no will power with this dish what-so-ever.  I could eat the entire thing.
While it it cooking send your hubby out to grill.
And entertain your toddler. "How big is Charlie?" "Biiiig"

Invite over your parents and their lovely dog, Miss Emma.

Then spoil your toddler's appetite with a Popsicle before dinner

Let him share with his best friend.

Enjoy some chicken along side those tomatoes.

And finish up with smores for dessert

And that's how it's done around here on a long weekend!