Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PopPING Corn

Last fall my little Cub Scout sold popcorn for a fundraiser. 
 I ordered several tubs of  "their famous" popping corn. 
 Because who could say no to this face?

Well there is a big difference between pop corn and popping corn.  I did not realize that.  Until it arrived.  PopPING corn is un-popped.  Basically just the kernel.  I ordered several TUBS of this stuff.

Up until then we were quite fond of the microwave variety or we'd send Jimmy down to the village movie theater (a 3 minute walk from our home) to pick up a couple bags on movie nights.  But I wasn't about to let this "famous" popping corn go to waste, so we went old school.  Let me say, once you make it stove top (or "homemade" as Andrew likes to say) you will never go back.  So, so, much better.  And a good arm workout too.  I've gotten a little fancy and now add sugar to give it more of a kettle corn flavor. 

Here's my tried and true method
Step 1: Add a 1/4 cup of canola oil in a heavy med. sized saucepan.
Step 2: Add one kernel and cover while the stove is on med. high heat.
Step 3: Once the kernel pops add 1/4 cup sugar and enough kernels to form one layer in the pan.
(somewhere between 1/4-1/2 cup of kernels)

Step 4: Cover and shake the pan until your arm falls off the popping slows to 1-2 pops per second.
Remove from heat and remove lid. Ta-da! MMMM, smells sooo goood!
Step 5: Spread out the corn on a piece of foil so it doesn't clump together.

Step 6: Pop in a movie and devour enjoy!

Note: The first time you make stove top popcorn I would skip the sugar.  Once you know the right temperature and the right time to remove the pan you can safely add the sugar.  You have to work quickly with the sugar so it doesn't burn. It tastes delicious with or without!


  1. Hi Tessa - have you tried the Whirley Pop? We love the popcorn it makes and it's my favorite gift to give. Bed, Bath & Beyond has them for $20. Also get the Kernel Season's Seasonings (Kroger, etc.)- "chili and lime" is to die for!

  2. Meant to say that you have to turn a crank but it would be less stress on your arms!