Saturday, June 12, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

Happy Saturday! I've been a little slack with posts this week, and I've got a couple recipes about farmer's market dinner ideas, Jimmy birthday, etc. that I've started but haven't finished.  In the meantime, I wanted to share this...

Do you remember my slipcover debates?  Well, this morning my seamstress came to beautify this pair of Craig's List chairs.  I liked them because they had 100% down cushions and a pretty shape.  They were in very good condition and cheap.
Hello, gorgeous!
I have them sitting on either side of our china cupboard.
I'm going to get a couple pillows made for them,
once I select a fabric. 
I threw on some from the family room to see
how it will look.
I added a little contrasting banding at the bottom,
to give it a little oompf.
This was a last minute choice, but I think it
makes the chairs.
Never underestimate the work of a talented seamstress
or the transformation of slipcovers.
I was a little nervous about my fabric choice.
I had wanted linen but couldn't find a weight at
a price I could afford.  18 yards is a lot of fabric!
I love the weight and drape of this cotton.
Slowly but surely, my little dining room
is starting to feel more cozy & pretty.


  1. oh my...these are lovely! I love the contrasting band on the bottom!

  2. How beautiful! They look so lovely!

  3. Please tell me what kind of fabric you used for your gorgeous slipcovers and also the color- white or natural? I plan to shamelessly copy, right down to the contrasting ribbon band at the bottom :) Did you buy the fabric at a chain fabric store like Hancock's or JoAnn (please say yes!)? Thanks!

  4. Hi Karin,

    I wasn't sure how best to reply. Sorry but I couldn't find an email for you, so I hope you check back....The fabric came from a local store called Swatches (around $10/yard). I'd be happy to mail you a swatch of each fabric and then you can see if you can match it up somewhere by you. I don't remember a brand name, it is either a cotton duck or a bull denim and it is 100% cotton. The fabric is ivory, but not a yellow ivory, more of an off white. I love the weight of the fabric and how it makes the ruffle hang and there is no stretching like you would get with a linen. My email is of you want to send me your address. Hope that helps! The color is better in this post:

    Hope that helps! Thanks for reading and your kind words!! You'll have to send me pictures when you get finished!!! :)