Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day


Dear Jimmy, In honor of your 8th Father's Day I did a little interview.
Me:        "Tell me 8 things about your Dad that make him the best Daddy in the world."
Andrew:  "He takes me to Kings Island, buys me things, he gets me drinks when we are both thirsty, he takes me to raft day, he takes me to baseball games, he takes me sledding, because he loves me, and he plays with me."
Charlie:   "Dada?"  " Daaaadaaaa" " Dada, gone?"
Andrew: "Mama, why do you think Dad is a good Dad?"
Me: "ummm 8 things, what to choose...He is a good example to you & Charlie, he makes you & C laugh like nobody else can, he is generous with his affection, he gives long shoulder and piggy back rides, he is a rock star on raft day at the pool, he doesn't raise his voice, he doesn't lose his temper,  he gets up early with Charlie on the weekends so I get a little break...oh, that's already more... he enjoys spending time with us more than anything else (except maybe the occasional round of golf :))"

And to my own Dad, Happy Father's Day! I hope you enjoy celebrating with Kevin (my brother) in Chicago.  I'm thankful for your photography expertise -- for supporting me when I gave up my career to be home with my boys, even though I know you had hoped I would climb the corporate ranks --  for teaching Charlie the wonders of the iphone -- for being sensitive, even though you put up a good front -- for liking European cars so Jimmy has someone to talk to -- for knowing world history & current events so we are all a little smarter -- and for being my Dad and my boys Farfar.

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  1. T My Love,
    Thanks for a great Father's Day! I had a wonderful time with you and the boys, what a perfect summer's afternoon! Swimming, biking, walking Emma Lou, grilling out, gardening, and catching an afternoon matinee (C was so cute in the theater).
    Nothing brings me greater joy than spending time with you & our 2 sweet bambinos. Nothing at all... well except a classic margarita by mike's.(joking of course)
    We are so blessed!