Monday, June 14, 2010

Dining Room Inspiration

Ina Garten's Dining Room
We've officially started the 3rd week of summer vacation.  So far, I've only heard a few "I bored" mumbles from Andrew.  A good sign, considering the weather has been blazing hot and the only way to be outside is poolside.  I have some fun "boredom buster ideas" that I'll post about later this week.

As for me, with the more leisurely pace of summer, I have a long list of house to dos.  Not mechanical, not gardening (though we do still need to plant annuals and mulch), but interior sorts of things.  My favorite kind.  As I've mentioned before, we are creating a downstairs playroom for the boys.  Still working on that one, but it's painted the shelf is in and a new rug is on the floor.  (Not ready for "after" pics yet, though).  The other is to freshen up the dining room.  Slipcovered wingbacks were first on the list.  But after that I was kinda drawing a blank.  So, I enlisted the help of a favorite blogger & designer of mine, Holly Mathis.

For starters I've never worked with a designer before.  I've always been a little intimidated and I'm really picky.  But after reading Holly's blog for the last two years, I felt, if there was a designer for me to work with it would be her.  The funny thing about blogs, is that after a while you really feel like you know the person writing, even if you've never so much as exchanged an email.  I think Holly has beautiful ideas and incredible taste, and she seems like someone I'd love to have as a friend.  We've just started working together, I can't wait to see her ideas.

It's a challenge working with what you've already got, and that's the case for me.  My furniture is in good condition, but the dining room has always been the one room in our home I haven't been crazy about and we spend A LOT of time in there, so a dining room spruce-up is definitely in order.

Here are some inspiration pics from my files.

Hands down, one of my all time favorite
dining rooms is this one.
House Beautiful
I love when upholstered pieces are mixed into a dining room.
Love the blue & white plates and platters.
The assortment of rugs over the seagrass.
The stunning wainscoting.
House Beautiful
House Beautiful
This next home is really similar in color palette to
my own.  I love how it feels
country & sophisticated at the same time.
Love the mix of patterns.  The mismatched chairs.

Traditional Home
It also flows well with the living room.
Another similarity to my own.

    Traditional Home

Charles Faudree

 Charles Faudree
Stay tunned, more to come...

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