Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

This is Andrew's second year playing coach-pitch baseball.
I LOVE watching him play. His interest in sports has been slow. As parents, we've tried to not pressure (at all) but have continued to sign him up. At age 4 we tried soccer, but he hated to run and didn't see why he should since so many others were already running for the ball. At age 5, he played T-Ball and I remember a lot of bribing with ice cream to get through practices. By age 6, he was playing coach-pitch and had 1 hour 15 minute practices 2x a week plus 1-2 games. He liked hitting but not fielding, and complained about the sun being in his eyes A LOT. But now at age 7, there is no resistance to practice, far fewer tears, no issues with the sun, and even disappointment over rained out games. Who is this child?! He's even hustling to make plays in the outfield.
It's fun to see him discovering his abilities. And I'm proud of the attitude, the effort and the discipline he is learning. Some parents can get pretty fanatical about sports. Not me. Not even close. But I think there are important lessons you learn when you are part of a team and I'm glad he is learning them and having fun in the process.
Someone else is waiting in the wings and wondering when it will be his turn at bat.

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