Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Saturday Auction

Saturday morning I joined my Mum at an estate sale/auction in our neighboring village.

This was my first time at an auction and it was a fun little adventure. There was A LOT of STUFF, including many wonderful books because it was the estate of a former high school librarian.

I would have liked to have scored this lot of classic children's books, but I missed it.

Instead I treated my Mum to this little Santa. A peculiar gift for Mother's Day, but I couldn't resist. She collects Santa's and it's hard to find antique ones that are in my price range. I spotted this guy as soon as I walked in. It's an old toy, fully intact and still operational. I look forward to seeing him next Christmas in my parent's home. As for myself, I somehow ended up with these old hall passes.
They are from the old high school in the town we live in and I thought it was a fun memento of our first auction and of the woman whose belonging were being sold. They were quickly snatched up by my eldest and his best friend and are being used in a game of school as I write.
I have to say, there is a little something sad about seeing a life of things up for sale. It does make you realize that what matters is the memories we make in this life not the things we accumulate.
And today I made fun memories with my Mum!

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