Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Playroom

The most recent home project around here is creating a designated playroom for the boys.

We decided to turn the seldom used first floor guestroom into a play space. 
If the space was in an attic or basement, I'd want it to look and feel like this.
However, since it is a room we see all day and we walk through to use the first floor bathroom, in needs to feel cohesive with the rest of the downstairs.  I want the space to feel cottagey and cozy like the living space in these pictures.
I like the wheat, buff, and cream colors, the mix of textures, the big chalk board, the light fixtures, and the painted furniture.  The play room is a tiny space so it ultimately will not look like this but I'm using these pics for inspiration.

I'm starting with a few pieces of discarded furniture found in our neighbors trash and sprucing them up.  I also found a great pair of lamps in a fun orangish/persimmon color.

Here's what's to come:
New lamp shades.  I'm thinking burlap.
Replace the overhead light fixture with a hanging lantern.

Add a rug.
Make some new drapery panels with pinch pleats and add some bamboo shades.  I'm going fabric hunting this weekend.  But maybe something along the lines of these...

I'll be sure to do a Before & After post when it's all done.  Maybe by Thanksgiving.  Just kidding. Kind of.
Images: Unkown, Cottage Living, Ballard, Unkown, Pottery Barn, Calico Corners

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