Friday, May 21, 2010

Outdoorsy Food

We start eating outside the second it warms up.  But as soon the mosquitoes hit it is hard to escape them in our tiny and very green backyard and we are banished back in doors for meals.  I think food tastes so much better when eaten outside. The last time we ate outside here's what we had...

Grilled Pineapple Sirloin Kebabs
Basmati rice with a hint of curry (I use mild  curry paste)
Crunchy Strawberry Romaine Salad

These two recipes are standbys in the spring & summer months for us.  They are good and fast.  My picky eater loves the kabobs, which I serve over the rice.

The only change I make to the Pineapple Sirloin Skewers recipe is I double the amount of marinade and beef, because 1 pound of sirloin, after the fat is trimmed, is not enough for the boys in my home.  Sorry no pictures of the kebabs.  Things got a little crazy and they were eaten very quickly.  I will say they look a whole lot better than the rather unappetizing picture in the link.

The only change I make to the Crunchy Romaine Strawberry Salad is I use olive oil to brown the ramen noodles and walnuts rather than butter.  Tastes the same and saves on fat & calories.  I've been tempted to cut down on the sugar in the dressing, but it tastes sooo good the way it is, I've never tried.

Bon Appetite!

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