Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu for the Week

This is the last week of school and we are ready for summer! 

One little person in particular is looking forward to having his big brother around all day. We are planning to have Andrew's class over on Friday for a little party
after school to kick off the summer vacation.  I've been stocking up on bubbles, water guns, a new slip-n-slide & treats for the 16 children that will be running wild through our yard.
On a different note, there are times when I get in a real slump with cooking.
Not the cooking part, but the coming up with what to make part.
It took me forever to get together a grocery list this weekend.
I enjoy reading Steph's weekly menu's because it gives me new ideas, and because I'm always curious how other people live and what they eat.
So here's a peek at our meals this week.
Roasted new potatoes with fresh herbs, green salad vinaigrette, grilled lemon chicken (reserve some fresh marinade to pour over the warm chicken when it comes off the grill.  Did not make satay dip)
Spaghetti and meatballs
Turkey sloppy Joe's with carrot and celery sticks

Left-overs on the other days, if I'm lucky

It doesn't always work out that way...
*The scalloped tomatoes are my FAVORITE new recipe from last year. I make them at least once a month and have changed the recipe a teeny bit.  I'll post those changes in a later post.  It is still very good the way it is written.

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