Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brownies & Soul Sister

Lately my sweet little Bubba has developed a temper.  It's taken us all a bit by surprise given his angelic ways as a baby.  Seriously, we had no idea babies could be easy.  I've never encountered a baby quite like him - pretty much happy all. the. time. Flash forward 19 months, and now we are never quite sure who'll be with us on any given day.  Some days we have Happy, Easy Going Little Bubba and others, well, how do I say it nicely, we have Crabby Apple Bubba.  Today, I should say this morning because some days both Bubba's pay a visit, we had Happy Bubba.
When he decided to sing instead of take a morning nap, we made brownies.
You better believe I licked that chocolate right off his little ear!
Then he kindly requested his favorite video...

What sort of video do you think could hold a 19 month old in such rapt attention?
Make them laugh and want to dance...
Make them stand on their tip toes & try to climb the TV cupboard when it's over to start it all again...
PBS Sprout?  No.   Nick Jr?   Nope!   Disney Playhouse?  Negative. 
That would be Train singing Soul Sister.
The Hey, Hey, Hey's... are his favorite part.  Here he is happily singing along.
When Happy Bubba's in the house, I don't mind hitting replay 462 times a day.
 (Just kidding, more like 20-25:))

PS. Dad, you'll be happy to know I changed the title of my previous post, just for you!

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