Monday, May 31, 2010

Slipcover Dilemma

I'm indecisive...
Cottage Living

Tomorrow I have a seamstress coming over to cut and pin fabric
for slipcovers for 2 wing back chairs that I purchased off Craig's List a few months ago..

I was inspired by the likes of Holly and her wing backs and
all the beautiful posts by Joni with pretty slips. 
 I really like slipcovers on my furniture, but the ones I already own were
made by the furniture manufacturers, so there was
 less decisions to be made by me. 
My favorite is the chair and ottoman I have in the C's nursery from here.

This time it is different.  I need to pick out the design myself. 
And there are so many options...

To skirt or not to skirt?
Traditional Home

To ruffle or double ruffle?

Banding at the bottom?

Traditional Home

To show some of the legs or go straight to the floor?

Traditional Home

You would think I would have decided by 10:30 the night before
the fabric is going to be cut, but no, I'm still debating.

This is precisely the reason, that no matter how much I enjoy interior design, I could never be trusted to make decisions for someone else's home.  To top it off the fabric I choose is an all cotton, cream color that will pretty much blend right in with the walls, so I'm not sure why I'm making such a fuss over the style.  No one will ever notice but me.  The worst part is I find this all incredibly fun! :)   Thank you Jimmy for looking at all the pictures with me and making comments like "the ruffles will give the room a more feminine feel, which might be nice amongst all the wood in the dining room."  I love you for that, I really do! :)

House Beautiful

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Red, White & Blue

Summer is here.  School is out.
 It's hot, everyone's firing up their grills,
and Memorial Day has us feeling patriotic.
This weekend we've had our share of cookouts
 with friends & family.
We've gone biking, walking and piddling around town.

 We've seen a lot of flags a flying.
a lot of flowers a blooming,
And we took time to appreciate this wonderful town we live in,
this wonderful country we get to call home,
and the honorable men and women who fight and have fought
to protect all we hold dear.
Happy Memorial Day!

First image from here, all other images are mine of Mariemont

Friday, May 28, 2010

Inquiring minds wanna know...

What does your blog title mean? 
Ask and you shall receive...

Let my preface by saying I thought it was a little difficult to come up with a name.  First, because I spent twelve years in marketing and WAY over thought it... I wanted the name to be simple, easy to spell, without our family name in it in case some weirdo is reading the blog, something that could encompass more than just pictures and stories about the kids, easy to remember... you see. WAY over thought it!
Second, many of my so thought creative names were already taken.

Then I thought of Nine & Sixteen.  If there is such a thing as lucky numbers - those would be it for me. 

Let me explain.
No. 9
The 9th day of June this little cowboy was born.
I think I would have fallen in love, even if we met in preschool.
Then many years later on the 9th day of August, this one came along.
Hello, Andrew!

No. 16
Jimmy & I started dating when we were 16.
Then about 8 years later we were married.
 (sans crazy hairdos & ruffles)
On May 16th

And eventually this one came along. Hi, Charlie!
On October 16th

And there you have it.  Strange coincidence, no?
Good blog title?  I think so, even if it throws everyone off.
Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Playroom

The most recent home project around here is creating a designated playroom for the boys.

We decided to turn the seldom used first floor guestroom into a play space. 
If the space was in an attic or basement, I'd want it to look and feel like this.
However, since it is a room we see all day and we walk through to use the first floor bathroom, in needs to feel cohesive with the rest of the downstairs.  I want the space to feel cottagey and cozy like the living space in these pictures.
I like the wheat, buff, and cream colors, the mix of textures, the big chalk board, the light fixtures, and the painted furniture.  The play room is a tiny space so it ultimately will not look like this but I'm using these pics for inspiration.

I'm starting with a few pieces of discarded furniture found in our neighbors trash and sprucing them up.  I also found a great pair of lamps in a fun orangish/persimmon color.

Here's what's to come:
New lamp shades.  I'm thinking burlap.
Replace the overhead light fixture with a hanging lantern.

Add a rug.
Make some new drapery panels with pinch pleats and add some bamboo shades.  I'm going fabric hunting this weekend.  But maybe something along the lines of these...

I'll be sure to do a Before & After post when it's all done.  Maybe by Thanksgiving.  Just kidding. Kind of.
Images: Unkown, Cottage Living, Ballard, Unkown, Pottery Barn, Calico Corners

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brownies & Soul Sister

Lately my sweet little Bubba has developed a temper.  It's taken us all a bit by surprise given his angelic ways as a baby.  Seriously, we had no idea babies could be easy.  I've never encountered a baby quite like him - pretty much happy all. the. time. Flash forward 19 months, and now we are never quite sure who'll be with us on any given day.  Some days we have Happy, Easy Going Little Bubba and others, well, how do I say it nicely, we have Crabby Apple Bubba.  Today, I should say this morning because some days both Bubba's pay a visit, we had Happy Bubba.
When he decided to sing instead of take a morning nap, we made brownies.
You better believe I licked that chocolate right off his little ear!
Then he kindly requested his favorite video...

What sort of video do you think could hold a 19 month old in such rapt attention?
Make them laugh and want to dance...
Make them stand on their tip toes & try to climb the TV cupboard when it's over to start it all again...
PBS Sprout?  No.   Nick Jr?   Nope!   Disney Playhouse?  Negative. 
That would be Train singing Soul Sister.
The Hey, Hey, Hey's... are his favorite part.  Here he is happily singing along.
When Happy Bubba's in the house, I don't mind hitting replay 462 times a day.
 (Just kidding, more like 20-25:))

PS. Dad, you'll be happy to know I changed the title of my previous post, just for you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu for the Week

This is the last week of school and we are ready for summer! 

One little person in particular is looking forward to having his big brother around all day. We are planning to have Andrew's class over on Friday for a little party
after school to kick off the summer vacation.  I've been stocking up on bubbles, water guns, a new slip-n-slide & treats for the 16 children that will be running wild through our yard.
On a different note, there are times when I get in a real slump with cooking.
Not the cooking part, but the coming up with what to make part.
It took me forever to get together a grocery list this weekend.
I enjoy reading Steph's weekly menu's because it gives me new ideas, and because I'm always curious how other people live and what they eat.
So here's a peek at our meals this week.
Roasted new potatoes with fresh herbs, green salad vinaigrette, grilled lemon chicken (reserve some fresh marinade to pour over the warm chicken when it comes off the grill.  Did not make satay dip)
Spaghetti and meatballs
Turkey sloppy Joe's with carrot and celery sticks

Left-overs on the other days, if I'm lucky

It doesn't always work out that way...
*The scalloped tomatoes are my FAVORITE new recipe from last year. I make them at least once a month and have changed the recipe a teeny bit.  I'll post those changes in a later post.  It is still very good the way it is written.